DATE                       VENUE                          TOPIC 

January 11              WLBC Ormskirk              Federation meeting 
January 18              Hospital Ormskirk           Community Food Growing  

March 02                 Burscough C.C.              Federation meeting
March 19                 Martin Mere Wetlands    Eco-festival Promotion

April 13                    Ecumenical Centre         Annual General Meeting 

May 07                    Burscough Wharf           Grow Your Own Day Promotion
May 14                    Blackpool                         N.W.Counties AGM
May 17                    Burscough P.C.               Burscough Allotments

June 06                   Apply Bridge C.A.            New allotment site
June 15                   Burscough P.C.               Burscough Allotments
June 26                   Blackpool Lawson Rd.    N.W.Counties meeting

July 06                     WLBC Ormskirk              Federation meeting
July 13                     Farmers Arms                 Burscough Allotments
July 23                   Beacon Park                   Green Fayre Promotion

August 01              The Plant Place              New allotment site
August 20              Hesketh Bank                  Opening of Allotments

September 11        The Plant Place               New allotment site
September 15        Farmers Arms                  Burscough Allotments

October 02             St. Helens                       N.W. Counties meeting
October 20            WLBC Ormskirk               Federation meeting
October 26            Farmers Arms                  Burscough allotments