A. Name.

1.      The operating name for the West Lancashire district division of the NSALG will be West Lancashire Allotments Federation which may be abbreviated to WLAF.

B. Membership.

2a.     Allotment sites whose tenants are members of NSALG through an affiliated association, may nominate two representatives to attend committee meetings of the Federation and receive agenda, consultation papers and minutes.  From these representatives the officers will be elected.

2b.     Allotment sites that do not have an affiliated association may nominate one representative to attend committee meetings of the Federation and receive agenda, consultation papers and minutes.

2c.    The Borough Council and other related organisations may be invited to join the Federation each with one representative.

2d.    All representatives will have one vote at any ballot. Result by a simple majority.  In the event of votes being equally divided, the Chairman may exercise a casting vote.  Representatives unable to attend a meeting may nominate another member to vote on their behalf.  All decisions made by the committee are final.

C. Powers.

3.      The officers, namely the President, Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer shall have full powers as necessary to achieve the objects of the Federation.

D. Management.

            4a.    The day-to-day business of the Federation shall be conducted by the Officers.

            4b.    The Committee shall comprise all site representatives and representatives nominated by other 
            invited organisations as set out in ‘B Membership’ above.  Substitute representatives will be allowed.

5.      The Officers shall be elected at an AGM. The Committee shall have the power to co-opt additional members and fill any vacancies of either officers or site representatives arising during the year. The Committee will meet quarterly or more frequently if required.

6.      Chairman and Secretary cannot resign in the same year.  Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer to be voted in on a three year rotational basis.

7.      Notice of Motions - Notice of all intended motions to be put to Committee meetings must be submitted to the Secretary 14 days before the date of the notified meeting

E. Finance.

8.      Sites with societies and/or associations and individuals may make donations towards the running of the Federation.

9.       Special Projects - The Federation may raise special projects funding by applying for grants or obtaining sponsors.

10.      Equipment Funds - Any equipment fund provided by the Council from time to time shall be separately administered and accounted for, as agreed with Council officers.

11.      Banking - All income received by the Federation shall be paid into a bank account in the name of the Federation. Signatories shall be the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer who are authorised to pay any agreed running expenses or other expenditure. Cheques will require 2 of the 3 authorised signatories.

12.      Financial Year - The accounting year shall be 1st Jan to 31 December.

13.    An independent auditor will audit the accounts.  The independent auditor may be an ordinary member of a society or association but not a committee member of the federation.

F. Annual General Meeting (AGM).

14.    The AGM of the Federation, for which 28 days notice in writing shall be given by notices mailed or emailed to each site representative, shall be called as soon as practicable after 1st Jan.

15.    Notice of all intended motions to be put to the AGM must be submitted in writing to the Secretary 14 days before the AGM.

G. Special General Meeting (SGM).

16.    A SGM shall be held whenever the committee think it expedient or whenever a written request for such a meeting is sent to the Federation Secretary and signed by 50% of site representatives, 7 days notice of each SGM shall be given by notices mailed or emailed to site representatives.

H. Voting.

17.    All West Lancashire NSALG members are entitled to attend the AGM and SGM and vote on the business to be transacted. Approval will be by a simple majority of those attending the meeting.

            I.   Quorum.

18.    The Quorum at all meetings shall be 4 voting members.

J.    Dissolution.

            19.    The decision to dissolve the federation shall be taken at an AGM or SGM. In the event of a quorum 
            of 4 not being present, officers may take a decision.
Any finance in the accounts shall be allocated to 
            disbursements of debts and liabilities. Any remaining finance shall be either returned to the source or 
            donated to other organisation(s) with similar objectives.

K.   Alteration to the constitution.

            20. Alterations to this constitution shall be made at an Annual or Special General Meeting.


            Adoption of Constitution

             This Constitution was adopted by the members at the General Meeting of the

            West Lancashire Allotments’ Federation held on 12th May 2010.


            Signed Chairman             Ray Fowler                        Date            12/05/2010.

            Signed Secretary             C B Coughlan                    Date            12/05/2010.

            Signed Witness                S E Hudson                       Date            12/05/2010. 


            Version 2. Includes changes made at the 13th April 2011 Annual General Meeting.