West Lancashire Allotment’s Federation --- Terms of Reference

West Lancashire Allotment’s Federation is run by allotment holders to promote allotments in West Lancashire.
The objects of the Federation are:
1.  To promote allotment gardening, the development and provision of allotments as an important, inclusive, informal, outdoor active recreation for residents of West Lancashire with particular emphasis to health benefits and to attract the younger generation.

2.  To co-operate positively with West Lancashire Borough Council in the administration of allotments and the provision of proper facilities for allotment gardening within budgetary provisions.

3.  To promote adequate, appropriate provisions for gardeners with disabilities and special needs.

4.  To promote shows, competitions, educational and other relevant activities to allotment gardening.

5.  To participate in reviews of district planning and contribute to Council strategies relating to allotments.

6.  To monitor the provision of allotments and resist any proposal to permanently reduce the current provision, subject to current and latent demands for allotments being met.

7.  To promote the practices of organic cultivation and the conservation of allotments as open-air recreation land and wildlife corridors within the urban development.

8.  To liaise between local sites and bring to the attention of the Regional Rep concerns/queries’ and seek a means to the reduction of potential allotment holders on the waiting list.

9.  To keep Federation members informed of what is happening at Regional/National level.

10. To identify allotment sites within their areas who are not members of the NSALG and seek to encourage these sites to join the NSALG